Aiming To Build A Sustainable Future For
Generations To Come
Take The First Step Towards A Better
Tomorrow Today
Building A Community People Will Be Proud
To Be A Part Of

Surendra Pathare Foundation Works In Various Sectors Like

Education, Health and Social Issues For The Betterment Of The Society

To care for the environment is to care for the future
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Health and Medical
There is no greater wealth than good Health
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There is always something that can be done for the people
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Preserving one’s way of life through different approaches
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About spf

From Founder’s desk

Just like a king can’t defend a castle alone, a single person can’t save the planet alone. One day we will be gone but the changes we make today will remain, they will inspire the ones to come and continue from where we left. Let’s make sure we leave them a legacy worth carrying
-Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare

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Number Of Lives Changed, People Saved
And Smiles Created