Working for Environment Protection

Pedal for healthy health and a sustainable future

To mark the World Environment Day 2022, and to take the ‘healthy Planet – healthy human lives’ initiative SPF in collaboration with Isha Foundation has organized a bicycle rally on 5th June 2022, under the banner ‘The Save Soil Bicycle Rally’ where hundreds of cycling enthusiasts from various parts of the town rode in Kharadi.Around 250 cyclists of different age

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ngo work forTree Plantation

Tree plantation

Global warming is a growing cause of concern worldwide. It is associated with many other rising problems such as increased CO2 emissions, longer heatwaves and many more. All these share a very simple and well-known solution which is all around us, the trees. Despite the many tree plantation drives going around, the number of trees doesn’t seem to be increasing.

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free River Cleaning by ngo

Awareness Campaign On The Health Of Rivers and Cleaning drive

Rivers are a blessing to every area they pass through. They provide a stable water source, help in cooling the surroundings, and are always there as a serene view for everyone to enjoy. Kharadi, Vavdgaon Sheri, And ChandanNagar these parts of Pune City are lucky as they are gifted with a river passing by them. But due to a lack

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