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Tree plantation

Global warming is a growing cause of concern worldwide. It is associated with many other rising problems such as increased CO2 emissions, longer heatwaves and many more. All these share a very simple and well-known solution which is all around us, the trees. Despite the many tree plantation drives going around, the number of trees doesn’t seem to be increasing. A common reason for this is the lack of attention to the young saplings which results in them dying before they reach a self-sustainable age. Thus to counter this, Surendra Pathare Foundation came up with a unique approach. We have initiated a tree adaptation project where any resident of Kharadi can call upon the toll-free number of SPF to have a tree planted near their residence. This said tree will be protected with a wired fence and have a name of your choosing! SPF will place a fence around the young tree and take responsibility for its well being. Anytime a person feels their tree is facing an issue regarding its care the person can call SPF and it will immediately be taken care of.
The uniqueness of this approach is that it creates a personal attachment of people with their adopted tree which ensures that the sapling is taken care of as if it was a part of their family. Together with this initiative, not only will we increase the greenery around the city but also safeguard the trees from any harm in the future thus ensuring their long life as in return, they ensure ours.

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