Government scheme awareness and penetration

During the pandemic, The Government of India launched many schemes for all the people who lost their jobs and livelihood. These include a daily minimum wage, food rations, medical aid and much more. But the problem that we at Surendra Pathare Foundation noticed was that a majority of the people either don’t know about these and how to avail them, or don’t even have valid Adhaar IDs. Hence to tackle these problems, SPF set up a drive with the goal to penetrate these Schemes and also update and create the Adhaar cards of citizens of Kharadi with a focus on the underprivileged and daily wage workers.
Much to our surprise, we were able to help a whopping 1600 plus people! The drive is well organized with age-wise segregation of people for the fluid motion of process. The newly created and even the existing Adhaar cards were linked to their respective accounts on government platforms allowing people to check the available schemes and avail them. Sometimes you just need a guiding hand to a better destination.

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