Toll-free-Services of spf

Toll-Free Services

How often do we see a leaking tap and choose to ignore it? What about that pile of waste just around the corner of the road, a weak electrical socket in the house, and other such small things which we notice but choose to ignore altogether because we don’t want to pay for service or don’t know who to call. All these are not only hazardous to our health they are also waste of our natural resources. A single leaking tap amounts to 100 liters of water wasted over a week, the pile of decomposable waste rotting in a corner leads to the spreading of diseases, and loose and disconnected wires can become hot enough to start fires or can create serious shock hazards.
SPF launched its toll-free services where any resident of Kharadi can call on 18002586090 for free plumbing, waste management, and electrician regardless of their household or financial situation. Along with these, SPF also provides free ambulance service and Maha-E-Seva Kendra.
So far 5000 plus people have benefited from our services. The initiative not only provides such necessary services free of cost, but it also provides employment to those doing these services as due to Covid many public waste management workers, public service workers and daily wage workers lost their jobs. Now that is what we call hitting 2 targets with one arrow!