Encouraging women empowerment activists: Stree Asmita Samman

Activism — is a tedious task that brings a lot of good to society but almost no recognition to the one who brought it. It is as they say a selfless cause. Women’s activism is a cause that requires a lot of etermination and hard work as it is needed now more than ever. It took years to bring the women’s literacy rate up to 70% while their employment rate is still at only 20.7%. While the entire nation is battling against the injustice towards women, many of these heroes of war go without any recognition.
on the occasion of Women’s Day, our Surendra Pathare Foundation presented its heartfelt gratitude and unwavering appreciation to many such women who continue to fight for women’s rights and empowerment by presenting them with the Stri Asmita Samman Award. The aim of this activity was to honor these unsung heroes who dedicate their entire being to the betterment of women. The awardees of Stree Asmita Sanman Puraskar are actively working in one or more than one field out of the following-

Though these brave women never needed a reason to continue their fight, appreciating their efforts is the least we could do for them. This also sends out the message of encouragement to all the others who decide to participate for this cause that we at SPF will always be there to cheer you on and hope for your success!