Social Welfare Association

SPF Summer Camp 2022

Last two years because of the covid-19 outbreak we all missed the summer fun. In the last two years, children have been badly affected directly or indirectly. So, with the commencement of summer vacation, Surendra Pathare Foundation has come up with Summer Camp 2022 – a seven days summer camp

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Seeti Bajao Shor Machao

We have come a long way in terms of community developments and advances in science. But the one place we still lack is creating a safe environment for all the women around us. It is our responsibility not only as an organization for the community but as the people of

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Bhairav Diwali Fest for Women Empowerment

It is a well-known fact that Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on the economy worldwide. The last two years have been tough for all of us, especially for smaller businesses and our very own self-help groups (Bachatgat’s). A good majority of these budding businesses run out before they can

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Government scheme awareness and penetration

During the pandemic, The Government of India launched many schemes for all the people who lost their jobs and livelihood. These include a daily minimum wage, food rations, medical aid and much more. But the problem that we at Surendra Pathare Foundation noticed was that a majority of the people

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Basic hygiene training for underprivileged kids

Basic hygiene training was given to the underprivileged children considering the health risks in today’s world due to lack of hygiene. It is even more challenging for underprivileged children to know & follow basic hygiene. With Covid-19 lingering around every corner, the only way to ensure one’s safety is by

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Flood Relief Programme

During the month of–, several areas around Pune such as Jor village in Vai taluka of Satara district along with the surrounding areas were hit with drastic floods which robbed many of their livelihood and left even more homeless. The subsequent landslide added to the extensive damage. Our Surendra Pathare

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Bringing Grocery for those in need

Hunger and poverty cab drive any sane person to desperate measures, In this pandemic, many people not only lost their jobs but many families lost their only breadwinner too, leaving them helpless and driven to extreme measures and with the government already struggling to contain the situation couldn’t pay much

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Books At Doorstep

Books have been the oldest means of self-entertainment that humanity has known. In today’s age of technology, we tend to move towards online platforms for entertainment but not only long exposure to screens can be harmful, but they also can’t express the same emotions as a book does. In the

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Sanitization Services by Ngo

Ensuring the safety of Sanitation Workers

A safe and sanitary environment for us is a blessing given to us through the hard work of our sanitary workers. They put their own health at risk so that ours never is. To honor these people, on the occasion of Women’s day, our Surendra Patahre Foundation distributed safety shoes

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Toll-free-Services of spf

Toll-Free Services

How often do we see a leaking tap and choose to ignore it? What about that pile of waste just around the corner of the road, a weak electrical socket in the house, and other such small things which we notice but choose to ignore altogether because we don’t want

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