SPF Summer Camp 2022

Last two years because of the covid-19 outbreak we all missed the summer fun. In the last two years, children have been badly affected directly or indirectly. So, with the commencement of summer vacation, Surendra Pathare Foundation has come up with Summer Camp 2022 – a seven days summer camp that has been conducted from 13th to 19th May 2022, across the Kharadi to open doors of fun and excitement to children.
This camp received a huge and exciting response from every direction and witnessed around 650 children. At camp, each child was given keen attention and all the volunteers had also put their best foot forward to create comfort right from the start.
This Summer Camp aimed at keeping the students engaged & provided them an even platform to explore and express their creativity, in any form. They not only made memories while having fun but they tried new things, pushed their boundaries, and realized self-sufficiency. They were able to make new friends amidst a lot of laughs & learned team spirit. Throughout the camp, children have discovered and explored the explosion of creative and fun skills.
The Camp organized during vacation ranged from physical to creative activities like the magic show, dancing, art and craft, drawing, and many more. The active participation from children made this camp a great success and an event to remember. Surendra Pathare Foundation has been always trying to come up with new events that help in the betterment of society and will continue to conduct such camps for children in and around the Kharadi region.

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