SPF Akshayya Yoga 2022

With over 500+ participants, Akshayya Yoga 2022 was celebrated successfully on 19th June 2022 at the Rajaram Bhiku Pathare Stadium, Kharadi. Our Yoga Shibir was mainly conducted in anticipation of the International Yoga Day which is celebrated all over the globe on the 21st of June.
We, at the Surendra Pathare foundation, value the culture of Yoga and the emphasis towards a healthy lifestyle deeply rooted in Indian society. Hence to further promote Yoga and its exceptional benefits, we conducted Akshayya Yoga on 19th June starting 6 am onwards. The Shibir received an extraordinary response from the citizens of Kharadi from age 12 onwards with over 500 yoga enthusiasts.
At the Akshayya Yoga 2022, some of the primary activities included Meditation, Pranayam, and different yoga styles combining breathing techniques and physical postures. Our aim was not only to provide a platform for the citizens of Pune to participate in the practice but also to educate the benefits of Yoga on health and social development. Yoga on regular basis leads to improved flexibility, better mental health, reduced stress & anxiety as well as boosted immunity. We realise that Yoga is a much-needed practice post-pandemic for an enhanced lifestyle.

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