Sports And Culture Program

First-ever Aarambh Basketball League 2022

Surendra Pathare Foundation organised the first-ever basketball league in India, ‘Aarambh Basketball League’ with the combined efforts of ABC Sports and Dnyaneshwar Katke Social Foundation. Concluded on 16th October 2022 at Pathare indoor stadium in Kharadi, the Aarambh league hosted brilliant teams from 107 societies from Pune city. More than 640 players displayed their excellence in this competition and shared

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Gudi of Unity

Gudi Padwa is one of the most celebrated festivals in Maharashtra. It is celebrated as the start of the New Year in Maharashtrian culture. Nowadays it is easy to celebrate a festival with pomp & joy but to get involved with the festival & know the roots of the tradition is something that we are lacking. Many young people do

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Pro Basketball League

Basketball is one of the most energetic & vigorous game & has a lot of importance in the West due to prominent tournaments like the NBA. India has gradually started making its mark in Basketball & we have witnessed many young talented Basketball players coming out from different areas in India. Kharadi has witnessed numerous hidden gems previously in the

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Criket-Champion program by ngo

Cricket Championship

Kharadi has a rich culture of sports with many enthusiastic and talented players scattered across the area. Numerous cricket championships on small scales are carried out across the area but these events fail to bring out the true potential of players as they often go unnoticed. Thus to bring these scattered talents together, Surendras Pathare Foundation hosted an Inter-city Cricket

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Archery competition by ngo

Sub-Junior District Archery Championship

Archery is a sport mostly associated with a more noble and elite class due the scarcity of good training professionals and the high cost of equipment. In light of these difficulties, there are citizens in our city who can land a perfect score when given the chance. To provide them with this chance, our Surendra Pathare foundation carried out the

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