Gudi of Love, Unity, and Legacy – Gudi Padwa 2023

With the motto “Our Culture, Our Pride,” Sankriti Yatra was joyfully celebrated in Pune on the occasion of Gudi Padwa. Organized by the Surendra Pathare Foundation, this year’s Yatra aimed not only to create a remarkable 51-foot Gudi but also to revive the spirit of Gudi Padwa. The Yatra featured children and the younger generation of our society dressed in traditional costumes, engaging in various activities that showcased our rich heritage and the traditions associated with this festival.
One of our primary goals for this Yatra was to uphold the tradition of our Marathi festival and involve the next generation, educating them about the long legacy of our culture and festivities. Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of the Marathi New Year, symbolizing new beginnings and hope. This Yatra provided an excellent opportunity for the younger generation to learn about our history and how the festival commemorates the victory of King Shalivahana, celebrated by hoisting the Gudi upon his return to Paithan. Each item used in the Gudi hoisting has profound meanings, symbolizing positive aspects that brighten our lives.
Furthermore, this Yatra helped us reminisce about our values and heritage. Gudi Padwa holds a special place in our hearts as it marks the harvest of Rabi crops. Since Maharashtra is predominantly an agricultural state, this festival carries great significance, connecting us to our roots.
The SPF is delighted to be a part of such a grand celebration and to unite us with our traditions. We are excited to continue the tradition of Sankriti Yatra for years to come, always remembering our heritage and carrying our legacy forward.