Sports-Traning by ngo

Free Sports Training

Our City is full of youth who are brimming with potential in various sports but that potential goes untapped because of either their economical situation or simply the lack of proper training facilities. Our Surendra Pathare Foundation decided to provide these people a chance to shine through their skills by setting up Free Sports Training for various conventional and unconventional sports. The aim of this initiative was to provide talented players proper guidance and sports facilities to produce state and national level medal winners.
The training and facilities were provided for Tennis, Basketball, Archery, Boxing, Football, Badminton, Skating, Shooting, Fencing, Mallakhamb, Table tennis, and Yoga. Watching the Tokyo Olympics has ignited the flames of ambition in countless individuals and it is our goal to help as many of these as possible and take their passion and skills to the next level where they receive recognition for them.

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