Health And Medical Program

ngo working for Health care

Heath Kit Distribution

Kharadi has a rich culture of sports with many enthusiastic and talented players scattered across the area. Numerous cricket championships on small scales are carried out across the area but these events fail to bring out the true potential of players as they often go unnoticed. Thus to bring these scattered talents together, Surendras Pathare Foundation hosted an Inter-city Cricket

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ngo for health care

Health camp on the occasion of International Day of the Girl Child

In a rural household and the majority of the underprivileged sectors, the health of a girl in the family goes neglected which creates a plethora of health problems for them in future. To address this issue, our Surendra Pathare Foundation, on the occasion of World Girl Child Day, set up health camps all across Kharadi. In these camps, almost 800

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Sanitization Services by Ngo

Free Sanitization Service

In April of 2021, the threat of covid-19 was very high as the second wave was at its peak. Sanitization was a key factor in preventing the further spread of the virus. Seeing the urgency and need of its services, The Sunendra Pathare Foundation added free sanitization to its toll-free number services and formed an action team ready to dispatch

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Free Vaccination by ngo

Vaccination for all

As our nation battles the pandemic we are equipped with our only line of defense, the vaccine. India began its vaccination drive in January but by the middle of the year, we experienced a dire shortage of vaccines with still thousands of people left unvaccinated. Pune was emerging as a hotspot for new cases as the number testing positive for

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ngo working for Blood Donation

Blood donation camp

Covid-19 has been a very challenging aspect of our lives for the past couple of years. It brought several hardships and situations which would not have been possible to overcome had it not been for the efforts of some individuals. Looking back in January 2021, Maharashtra was struck with a major shortage of blood bags. The situation got to the

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