Blood donation camp

While we are standing on the verge of a third COVID wave, it is very much likely that we might have to face an acute shortage of blood, just like we did in the previous year. Last year SPF had organised a blood donation camp on 26th January 2021, to help the government as well as private blood banks in collecting and having sufficient amounts of blood that’d be needed. Citizens of Pune made this blood donation camp a huge success by attending & donating blood in large numbers. Considering that the blood shortage might arise again during the third wave of COVID as well as to stick to our commitment of organising blood donation camp every year, SPF organised a second blood donation camp on 26th January 2022 i.e. on the 73rd Republic Day of India.
With twice the reach as compared to last year, the camp witnessed support from people from all sections of society. Last year the camp had managed to collect 1644 blood bags which aided more than 4900 people and 30 children who are suffering from Thalassemia. This time around the goal was to double that number and much to everyone’s surprise, the SPF foundation collected an astonishing 3453 blood bags in a single day! Looking at it from the other perspective, in a single day, Surendra Pathare Foundation managed to secure enough blood for more than 10300 people. This impressive feat was made possible because of the thousands of blood donors who willingly participated in the drive organised at the Rajaram Bhiku Pathare Indoor Stadium in Kharadi.
As mentioned earlier Surendra Pathare Foundation is committed to organising this kind of blood donation camp every year and to aiding government as well as private blood banks in securing a sufficient amount of blood. We are grateful to all the blood donors who were present in such large numbers and also those who registered as blood donors for any future requirements of blood. This gesture of theirs will keep motivating us for years to come. Reflecting upon the camp and the other numerous initiatives, our founder, Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare said “It is all these small steps which together amount to a great journey.”

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