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Health camp on the occasion of International Day of the Girl Child

In a rural household and the majority of the underprivileged sectors, the health of a girl in the family goes neglected which creates a plethora of health problems for them in future. To address this issue, our Surendra Pathare Foundation, on the occasion of World Girl Child Day, set up health camps all across Kharadi. In these camps, almost 800 girls were given health check-ups and their Hemoglobin Count (Hb count) were noted down. This was done because doctors have stated that low Hb count is the leading cause of health concerns for many teenage girls. Based on their individual reports from the check-ups, SPF provided every girl with their own health kits containing all the essential medical supplies specific to their ailments. But our duty doesn’t end there. SPF has assured everyone who attended the camps that they will be provided with all the medical aid needed in future as well along with anyone who was not able to make it to the camp. To care for a girl child today is to care for the future of our nation tomorrow!