Sanitization Services by Ngo

Free Sanitization Service

In April of 2021, the threat of covid-19 was very high as the second wave was at its peak. Sanitization was a key factor in preventing the further spread of the virus. Seeing the urgency and need of its services, The Sunendra Pathare Foundation added free sanitization to its toll-free number services and formed an action team ready to dispatch within a day. The aim was to sanitize every society including its corridors, lifts, common passages, parking area, play area, etc along with colonies, and individually owned houses. In mere 6 hours, SPF had covered 150 societies/Lanes and 200+ homes under this service. The SPF and its Bravehearts took it upon themselves to even sanitize houses with Covid positive patients to ensure the safety of their family members. The liquid used for sanitation purposes was made in a special drum which when used left no stains on any furniture and didn’t cause harm to the surroundings.
With this initiative, we were able to cover the entirety of Kharadi along with several parts of Viman Nagar. The toll-free service is active to this day and continues to sanitize people’s residences on the very same day of request. A small step towards a bigger and better future for all of us.

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