A Grand Akshayya Yoga 2023 Camp For This International Yoga Day In Kharadi Pune!

Surendra Pathare Foundation achieved yet another feat with the one-day Akshayya Yoga 2023 Camp organised free of cost to citizens of all ages. The camp was organised on the occasion of International Day of Yoga at the Pathare Indoor Stadium, Kharadi, Pune. The camp received a thrilling response from the community, with over 800 yoga enthusiasts taking part in the ancient practice of yoga.
This initiative by the SPF aimed at promoting physical and mental well-being, fostering harmony, and deepening the understanding of this ancient practice. Akshayya Yoga was guided by a team of yoga experts, guiding the participants through various yoga poses, asanas and breathing techniques. SPF firmly believes in the power of yoga to uplift individuals and promote overall well-being.
By hosting this free workshop, the organisation envisions creating a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages personal growth and community connection. Thus, SPF organises initiatives like Akshayya Yoga throughout the year to promote well-being, personal growth, and community engagement, empowering individuals to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Yoga’s origins can be traced to northern India over 5,000 years ago. This ancient practice of India needs to be highlighted more and incorporated in our daily lives.
When talking about the importance of Yoga, Surendra Pathare, the Founding President of SPF said, “In today’s fast-paced era, being healthy is a must and this need can be easily achieved through yoga. Lack of exercise, mental stress and busy life has made our lives stressful, and there is no alternative to maintain our peace and well-being except yoga. If yoga becomes a part of our daily life, our body and soul will always be healthy and fit.”