Archery competition by ngo

Sub-Junior District Archery Championship

Archery is a sport mostly associated with a more noble and elite class due the scarcity of good training professionals and the high cost of equipment. In light of these difficulties, there are citizens in our city who can land a perfect score when given the chance. To provide them with this chance, our Surendra Pathare foundation carried out the Sub-junior district Archery Championship in Kharadi in association with the Pune District Archery Association(PDAA). The competition was graced with the blessings of Baapu Saheb Patahre and Surendra Pathare with the auspicious presence of the winner of Shri Chhatrapati Puruskar and the secretary of PDAA, Vikas Mankar.
We saw the participation of more than 500 people which made it clear to us that we have people brimming with enthusiasm and talent for archery. SPF will be providing expert training with all the required equipment and gear to these participants and further hone their skills for the district, state and even national level competitions in future! When your heart is filled with determination and backed up with skills, your aim will always strike true!

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