First-ever Aarambh Basketball League 2022

Surendra Pathare Foundation organised the first-ever basketball league in India, ‘Aarambh Basketball League’ with the combined efforts of ABC Sports and Dnyaneshwar Katke Social Foundation. Concluded on 16th October 2022 at Pathare indoor stadium in Kharadi, the Aarambh league hosted brilliant teams from 107 societies from Pune city.
More than 640 players displayed their excellence in this competition and shared their experiences with each other. In this league of 8 days, 15000 sports enthusiasts participated in the game as an audience and encouraged players a great deal as well. This league was organised by SPF with the intention of providing a professional-quality competition experience for the players that will be representing the state and the country in the near future one day. The league was organised for players between the ages of 6 to 16 with the aim of encouraging Basketball in the early stages.
SPF believes that many players who participated in this tournament will get a place in the Indian basketball team tomorrow and represent the culture and values of Pune. Moreover, SPF also intends to move closer to our vision through this basketball league, the vision of developing our community and achieving goals of sustainable living in Pune. The league was hosted not to choose winners but to make each of the ambitious players realise their ambitions and potential in Basketball. SPF will continue to come up with one-of-a-kind and novel initiatives to support the growth of our community in every way possible.

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