SPF organises Pune’s first Mega Sports Tournament ‘SPF Sports Mania 2022’

Surendra Pathare Foundation organised ‘SPF Sports Mania 2022’ from 12th November 2022 to 18th December 2022 to promote the sports culture in East Pune. This unique and first-of-its-kind event was aimed to allow the athletes to test their skills in a competitive environment. Moreover, this sports mania took root in East Pune to produce medal-winning athletes from the region and to give the citizens a taste of thrilling sports culture.
SPF Sports Mania 2022 hosted 10 exciting competitions such as Badminton, Box Football, Chess, Cricket, Carrom, Swimming, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, & Skating. The distribution ceremony was held on the last day, rewarding the winners with their earned trophies and medals. SPF Sports Mania awarded rising talent and potential leaders with cash prizes in each of the 10 sports tournaments featured in the tournament.
Surendra Pathare Foundation believes in the all-round development of our society around the aspects of education, health, sports, infrastructure and sustainability. Through the introduction of Sports Mania, we have targeted the sports and education of the young generation in Pune. We believe this sports mania presented a unique platform for students to showcase their athletic skills and sporty spirit on a wider scale. Through this event, we could identify meritorious student-athletes and prepare them for further progress in the field of sports.
This is a high time that we encourage gifted athletes in India to pursue their dreams and passion in sports and emerge as Champions. It has been a phenomenal experience for the Foundation, encouraging the shared love and passion for sports in our community. We hope the platform given by SPF Sports Mania has been inspiring to these spirited players and will continue to be one next year as well.