IPS Vaibhav Nimbalkar Shares His Secret To Success With The Youngsters

An inspirational talk given in the session organised for youth by IPS Vaibhav Nimbalkar In this motivational talk organized by Surendra Pathare Foundation and Jeevan Vidya Mission, IPS Vaibhav Nimbalkar (Deputy Inspector General of Police, Assam) swayed the audience with his brilliant insights and approach towards the definition of success. With witty answers and examples, he made sure to solve the doubts and queries of youth. He led the session through gripping storytelling, sharing some of his anecdotes as well as career pathways in civil services in India.
“Success is not something that comes easily. You have to be prepared to work hard for it. There is as much fun in struggle as success”, this is something he said that will be remembered by all.
Surendra Pathare Foundation is pleased that the guidance session proved to be a major success with the attendee number reaching 4000, including students, parents and youth. People had gathered from all over Pune to hear about the inspiring journey of ‘Vaibhav Nimbalkar’ to ‘IPS Vaibhav Nimbalkar’, his philosophies, his struggles and how he overcame them. His dedication towards serving India and pushing it towards progress is setting new examples for the youth of today, inspiring them to do the same!
Surendra Pathare Foundation has implemented this activity keeping in mind that students and youth need valuable guidance while building their future. Civil services in India play an integral role in effective policy-making and regulation. That is why the Indian civil servants are called the still frame of India.
SPF believes that it is vital to shape young minds who wish to pursue civil services progressively. Being a civil servant is indeed a noble profession and strengthens the foundation of democracy in India. Therefore, we try to present opportunities to youth in Pune and encourage them to pursue their passion in civil services.