Bringing Grocery for those in need

Hunger and poverty cab drive any sane person to desperate measures, In this pandemic, many people not only lost their jobs but many families lost their only breadwinner too, leaving them helpless and driven to extreme measures and with the government already struggling to contain the situation couldn’t pay much attention to their pleads. But their cries for help didn’t fall on deaf ears. On World hunger day, our Sunendra Pathare foundation gathered groceries and essential goods from societies all over Kharadi, added the same amount to it, and distributed the goods to the weaker sections of the society consisting of Cobblers, Daily wage workers, Widows, etc. The movement gained momentum and was able to provide over 200 plus individuals with ration kits during critical times when the second wave of the Covid was on peak. That is 200 bellies we ensured would be full for at least a month.

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